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Here you will find the latest news about Extibia v2.
Come back often to stay informed about important changes in the game.
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Welcome to Extibia 7.4 v2 Mid-Rate

After almost 6 months of work, we are starting with polished server. We hope that we will satisfy the community once again with stable and professionally handled server!

Are you looking for a good fight, or do you just want to revive some old memories in the lands of 7.4 Tibia? Then this should be the perfect place for you! For more detailed information check out our F.A.Q section here!

Create an account and Download our client today, and being your very own journey in the lands of 7.4 Tibia!

Short News
6th December 2014 - Extibia v2 will be launched at 13.12.2014 at 19:00 CET.

Dec 06 2014, 21:30:53 CET

Extibia v2 - ready to launch!

After couple of months and Extibia v1 finally we are ready to invite you to extibia v2 lands. Totally bugfree and no lags to all contents of world. I just proofed how it works on v1 server.
Extibia is a real tibia map project - replica of 7.4 map included all quests, pvp system, pvm system.
We have almost the best copy of 7.4 times, I mean - monsters behaviors and other things, which you loved on 7.4 gameplay.

From 1 To 7 - x25
From 8 To 20 - x20
From 21 To 30 - x12
From 31 To 50 - x8
From 51 To 75 - x6
From 76 To 90 - x4
From 91 To 110 -x3
From 110 - x2

Extibia is based on newest trunk with 7.4 funcionality, so you can forget about crashes or lags.
The project is located in strong datacenter with full ddos protected.

Extra features:
- task system, you can take your task in Grizzly Adams, south-west from magic shop in thais.
- experience share party
- party experience bonus
- promotion will cost 10,000 gold coins
- PoI Dragon lords, without PoI Quest

Golden Account features:
- Instant access to both Djinn fortresses
- Light in the client
- 1% less death loss
- 10% more experience
- All outfits
- Loot messages from monsters

I hope you'll enjoy 2nd server hosted by Extibia support for a long time!
See you at the launch!